Grand Master's Rupee Club

A Project launched by the GRAND LODGE of INDIA

An appeal to all the Brethren to consider joining the "Grand Master's Rupee Club"

by donating a small sum of only Rs.1/- per day, i.e., Rs.365/- per year.

This entire amount will be earmarked for worthy causes only.

Brethren please donate to this noble cause.

There is an option of making a one-time donation of Rs.4,000/- and becoming a 'Life Member' of the "Grand Master's Rupee Club".

All those who opt for this will receive a lovely jewel from the Grand Lodge of India.

Secretary of the Masonic Lodge Vidisha no 262 W Bro RAKESH AGARWAL

become 'Life Member' of the "Grand Master's Rupee Club" on 24th February 2015

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